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Lenoir County Public Schools: Schools High Schools Half-day of school added as wintry weather make-up day

Half-day of school added as wintry weather make-up day

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LCPS students will be in class an additional half-day next month to make up for instructional time lost to wintry weather and icy roads last week. However, thanks to relief provided by the N.C. General Assembly, there will be no further adjustments to the school calendar for days lost to Hurricane Matthew flooding.

The make-up schedule was announced to LCPS faculty and staff on Thursday.

To recoup school time lost on Monday, Jan. 9, when icy roads made bus travel unsafe, the early-out day scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 23, has now been converted to a full student day. The other half-day lost to weather Jan. 9 will be absorbed by the extra instructional time built into LCPS’s school day.

State law requires public schools to be in session 180 days or 1,025 hours during the academic year.

Lenoir County schools were closed for 10 days during October because of the flood, but the state Legislature excused eight of those missed days. In anticipation of having to make up some of the lost time, LCPS administrators previously converted staff workdays on Oct. 27-28 to full student days. Those two days, plus the eight days forgiven by the Legislature, will make up for the 10 days lost to the flood.

The General Assembly also required that public school employees in affected districts make up two workdays from time lost to Hurricane Matthew. LCPS employees are being given a choice of four Saturdays during which they can meet that requirement.